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The Jack Russell Terrier originated in Devon, England. Their build is typical of a terrier at 10-15 inches tall and 10 pounds in weight. Of all dog breeds, the Jack Russell Terrier is one of the best dogs for children. If you own kids, we recommend you look into the Jack Russell before making your decision. The breed is courageous and lively. They have tons of energy that will wear down your kids energy quickly. They have a high level of human interaction and discipline that creates a special bond with every human they encounter. This characteristic really shines through Jack Russell owners. In our experience Jack Russell Terrier owners truly appreciate and love their dogs. This is why we created our Jack Russell Terrier gifts and merchandise collection. Our Jack Russell Terrier shop items consist of 50+ gift lines, rough and smooth coat, and 3 different color patterns, we’ve got a variety of collectibles from figurines, statues, angel/Christmas ornaments, socks, stickers, & more that are all suitable gifts for Jack Russell owners & lovers!