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The Golden Retriever is one of the most identifiable dog breeds. At any age, most people can identify the Golden Retriever. Each characteristic of the this breed is not extremely unique or out of the ordinary. Their coats are a common golden hue, with feathering on their legs, chest, and stomach. This breed is easily identifiable, when you combine all of these characteristics, a unique breed is created. Our Golden Retriever gifts celebrate this wonderful breed with stickers, figurines, keychains, and more! Our stickers, are not just stickers; they are bedazzled with rhinestones. Our Golden Retriever figurines & statues are not just figurines; each piece is hand painted to match the Golden’s characteristics. Don’t forget to check out our Golden Retriever Ornaments as well! No matter what gift items you select from our Golden Retriever decor and collectibles, you can be sure it will represent the spirit the Golden exudes! If you have a product suggestion for our Golden Retriever shop, let us know!