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The Flat Coated Retriever is undoubtedly a beautiful dog. They have solid black coats, with a thickness and texture similar to the Golden Retriever. Flat Coated Retrievers are not always solid black. This breed can have hues of dark brown to milk chocolate colored coats. They are great hunting dogs; always ready to retrieve, hence their name. But aside from their skills as a gun dog, they also excel in putting a smile on your face. Their wagging tails and need to please make this breed even more lovable. We carry both color variations in our collection of Flat Coated Retriever gifts and merchandise. Whether you need ornaments for the holidays, a leash hook to welcome a new dog to the family, or a figurine for an art project, we have a variety of Flat Coated Retriever gift items for every occasion in our Flat Coated Retriever Shop!