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The English Setter is a beautiful dog, due in large part to their gorgeous coats. They have unique patterns, as well as colors. The English Setter comes in white with black accents, orange accents, and blue accents. There are only a handful of other breeds, like the Chow and the Australian Shepherd, who are categorized as having blue coats. This unique color looks like a dolphin gray, providing the blue hues. Our collection of English Setter gifts, merchandise, and collectibles offers all the varieties of this breed, including liver, which is a beautiful brown color. Our collectible figurines, statues, and English Setter ornaments show off the breed’s proud and graceful look. Items from these two product lines are all hand painted, giving them that extra bit of realism to fully capture the breed. The key and leash hooks are from our solid wood product line. While these are elegant gifts themselves, they also show the off the breed’s elegant nature. We know coat patterns can vary greatly for English Setters and that’s why we offer custom paint work on our medium figurines. Send us a few pictures and we can custom paint the figurine to look like your dog!