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Most popularly known from 101 Dalmatians, this alert, intelligent, friendly, and energetic breed has the signature white and black spotted coats. The popularity of the Dalmatian began to grow as video games featured the breed and Fire Stations all over America used the breed as their mascot. The Dalmatian is unique and has a recognizable look, similar to how the Dachshund and Chihuahua have their own looks. They are loyal, polite, and considered to be the “gentlemen” of dog breeds. Our collection of Dalmatian gifts and merchandise items does this “Gentlemen” breed justice! Our Dalmatian ornaments and life like collectible mini Dalmatian figurines detail the Dalmatian’s coat and our medium figurines show off this breed’s athletic build, which provides the Dalmatian with speed. Our Dalmatian shop has Dalmatian merchandise, collectibles, socks, statues, & more! Find the perfect decor products for you or the Dalmatian lover in your life!