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Collies are known for their beautiful coats! Their coats come in a variety of colors, but the most common are tri-color and sable. Tri-color coats consist of white, along with a reddish light brown, and a brownish-black. Sable consists of white and a light orangey-tan. Our collection of Rough Collie merchandise is in abundance of both tri-color and sable colored Collies. Since we love to offer a large variety to our customers, we also carry Smooth Collie dog gifts. Smooth Collies appear larger than Rough Collies because of their lack of a long, thick coat. They have short coats so you are able to see the structure of their bodies. Many of our customers inquire about merle-coated Collies. So guess what we did? We stocked Collie gifts with blue merle coats, of course! Our Collie kitchen collectibles including wall clocks, wine racks, and leash racks are all offered in the blue merle variety. Be sure to also check out our Collie socks and Collie ornaments, they are top sellers!