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The Border Collie originated in Great Britain. The high energy and intelligent Border Collie was bred for herding and is the breed’s true purpose. They do make a great family companion but require high amounts of exercise. When you think of the Border Collie, a black and white coat typically comes to mind. But we know many of our Border Collie lovers have different color Collies. Black tri-color, blue merle, red, and red merle are also common colors for the breed. That is why we offer Border Collie gifts & products that have these color patterns. We do our best to ensure our collection of merchandise items and decor offers a variety of stuff for Border Collie lovers. Take a look at our Border Collie ornaments, figurines and outdoor decor. See the variety of colors and products we have available for all of our items & collectibles. Don’t forget our Border Collie socks which are a best seller in our Border Collie shop! If you are looking for our Collie gifts, visit the link below.