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The Bichon Frise originated in Tenerife of Spain in the Canary Islands. They are easy to train, good natured, and make great companions. The Bichon is categorized as a toy/non-sporting/companion dog. The breed started becoming popular when soldiers returned home after World War I with them. Ever since then, the breed has gained popularity and shown no signs of stopping. If you’re a Bichon Frise dog owner, you know what we’re talking about when we say the following words: happy – mischievous – loving! The Bichon is one of the cutest, happiest, and most mischievous dog breeds out there! Pair their personality with our Bichon Frise gifts. Each one of our gift items captures the many personalities of the Bichon. Slip on a pair of our comfy Bichon Frise socks and make your feet happy! Use our Bichon Frise collectible figurines/statues and ornaments as a reminder of who is waiting for you at home. No matter what merchandise items you pick in our Bichon Frise shop, we are confident all Bichon lovers will be happy with our gifts, products, & stuff, just like you are with your Bichon!