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Dog Cutting Boards Tempered Glass

We have added a new product line with 5 new gift lines on the way! This post will be covering our dog cutting boards. Each cutting board is made and designed here in the USA. They measure 8×10 and are made with tempered glass and rubber feet to ensure a steady non-slip surface. Tempered glass has become a popular material to use for cutting boards over the years to reduce bacteria growth. Tempered glass is considered one of the top materials to reduce bacteria and is the most resistant to heat fluctuation. They are also resistant to scratches. Have a look at some images below:

Dog Wine Bottle Stoppers

What is one thing you can count on seeing at holiday parties other than green and red? The answer more often than not is spirits. Beverages like mixed drinks, wine, and beer. Do you know a wine lover that also loves his/her dog? Wouldn’t it be nice to pair a gift with these holiday beverages for a dog lover you know? We have added new dog wine bottle stoppers to our inventory! They are handmade and hand painted in California. Made of ceramic and a solid cork, they are sure to wow any dog owner. You can browse our breeds and details of the stoppers at the following link Dog Wine Bottle Stoppers.

New 9×8 Decorative Dog Pillows

Check out our new line of Decorative Dog Pillows. They are made of polyester and are 9×8 in size. Each dog pillow contains a different message on the pillow. The Beagle pillow for instance says “Home is Where my Dog is”. The Yorkie pillow says “Big Hearts Sometimes come in Little Bodies”. We know how expensive pillows can be. Which is why we have tried our best to price these at a competitive price for you. Each pillow is $10 plus shipping. We feel we have done a good job. For less than $14 shipped you can own one of our dog pillows. To view the available breeds, please click the above link. You can also see a sample of the pillows below.

Wooden Dog Breed Keychains

Wooden Dog Breed Keychains

We have sourced wooden dog breed keychains made right here in the USA. Each breed offers up a unique design that is different from all the other keychains. Generally, the design of each breed keychain relates to the breed in some way. Whether it be a sombrero for the Chihuahua,  various color patterns of a specific breed, or French hats for the French Bulldog, each unique design is too cute! You can check out the entire line of breeds at the above link or check out some samples below. For specific details on each keychain be sure to visit the above link and click on the breed you are looking for.

Dog Breed Collars

Here at Dog Lover Store we listen to our customer requests and feedback. You asked for more dog care products like collars. We listened! We have recently added over 30 dog breed collars. They are offered in a variety of colors and are custom sized to fit your specific breed. For instance, a larger breed like a Rottweiler is offered in an extra large. A smaller breed like a Maltese or Yorkie is available in a small. They are also adjustable to fit breeds that may be smaller or larger than the average dog breed. This reduces the likelihood of receiving a collar that doesn’t fit your dog.  They are made in the USA and consist of a ribbon dog design attached to a nylon collar. Our dog breed collars are perfect for any dog owner looking to customize their breed! View samples below or click the following link to see all dog breed collars available. Dog Breed Collars

New Dog Luggage Tags

Dog Luggage Tags – 22 Breeds Available

At dogloverstore we are always striving to find new product lines for our customers, especially for the holidays. In the upcoming weeks we will be adding many new product lines so be sure to check back regularly. Today we have added new dog luggage tags consisting of 22 dog breeds. They are designed in Canada and look even cuter in person. This is our third line of dog luggage tags we have carried at dogloverstore and we can honestly say they are the nicest dog luggage tags we have seen.

Dog Blankets & Pillows

We have added new dog blanks and dog pillows to our inventory. The pillows are 18×18 in size, made of heavy cotton, and are made right here in the USA. Our dog blankets are also made in the usa and are made with 100% polyester. Each dog blanket and dog pillow has a unique design with various colors that match any type of home decor. View the products for more details or click the images below to see specific listing details and pricing.

Dog Blankets & Pillows

Labrador Polyester Dog Blanket ThrowLabrador Dog Blanket

Shih-Tzu-Dog-Throw-Pillow-18x18-181440634771Shih Tzu Dog Pillow