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New Dog Planters/Flower Pots

We are excited to introduce our new dog planter product line that has been added as part of our outdoor collection. These flower pots are made of high quality pine that has been stained for the outdoors. Expect the same quality you know from our other outdoor items. Each dog face is hand painted and made of resin from an original wood carving. You won’t understand the level of quality until you see them in person and hold them in your hands. They are heavy and the art work is simply beautiful. Every planter comes with a drainage system made of PVC to allow any excess water to drain. You can use them indoors or outdoors and make a great gift for any dog lover who loves to garden.

New Dog Breed Pillows

Due to popular demand, we have received more dog pillows with new designs! Our new dog pillows feature art work by Robert McClintock/World Art Group and are 18×18 inches. Each pillow is made in the USA and manufactured with polyester. Pricing and shipping will be the same price as our first line of 18×18 inch pillows. You can use our pillows to lay on or to decorate your home! Each pillow contains art work on one side with a black back side. View our entire collection of dog pillows: here. You can also view samples below, click the image to see the product details.

New Breed Specific Poochie Bells

Our newest product we have added to our collection is an expansion of our Poochie Bells! These new Poochie Bells are breed specific and are currently available in 12 dog breeds. Now while training your dog, you can also decorate your door with your favorite dog breed. Our breed specific Poochie Bells are the same quality and design our customers have come to know and love! They are made of thick and sturdy grosgrain ribbon and offered at the same price of $15.50. For more information you can view and read more here by clicking the link above. You can also view some samples of our new dog breed Poochie Bells below:

New Dog Stickers & Car Magnets

Searching for the perfect dog gift to accessorize your life?! We have the products for you! Our new dog stickers and car magnets are ideal for accessorizing everything! Our dog stickers can be used on a tumbler, locker, notepad, computer, door, even in your car! They are a great add on item for any order! Our waterproof car magnets are made of heavy duty 30 mil material and are coated with a protective sealant to resist water and sunlight. Our stickers and magnets are 4×4 inches and feature playful artwork designs for each breed. With over 40 of the top dog breeds to choose from, you will surely find the breed you are looking for! View some samples of our new stickers and magnets below or click the following links to see the full product line: Simply the Best Dog StickersDog Car Magnets

Handmade Dog Charm Bracelets

Happen to be looking for a dog bracelet? We have worked with a manufacturer in the USA to bring you our new dog charm bracelets. Each bracelet is handmade in the USA and contains silver finish beads, blue seed beads, two pewter charms, and brown crystal beads. The first charm says “Made With Love”. The second charm is a pewter figure of your favorite dog breed! Each bracelet is adjustable thanks to it’s stretch fit. We are currently offering our introductory breeds to see what you think about them. We will be sure to add more breeds, all you have to do is let us know what breed you want made! Leave us a comment or send us an email using our contact form.

New Dog Kitchen Hand Towels

As requested, we have added 25 new dog dish kitchen towels. New breeds consist of Chocolate Labrador, Westie, French Bulldog, Cairn Terrier, Schipperke, Schnauzer, Afghan Hound, and more! Just like our other towels, each towel is made of 100% absorbent cotton, measures 18 x 31 inches and is made in the USA. Our full color dog breed designs are sublimated onto each towel. Have a look at some samples of our new breeds below:

Yellow Labrador Kitchen Hand TowelYellow Labrador Kitchen Hand Towel

Papillon Kitchen Hand TowelPapillon Kitchen Hand Towel

French Bulldog Kitchen Hand TowelFrench Bulldog Kitchen Hand Towel

New Wooden Dog Keychains

We have added 6 new breeds for our wooden dog keychain line. The new breeds are the following:

Dog Breed Scarves

Once again, we have another new product line for you – dog scarves! We are currently offering 20 different breeds to see how the demand is! If you don’t see your breed let us know. We will keep track and add new breeds accordingly!

Each scarf is hand made in Massachusetts. From the cutting of the cloth, to the embroidered dog, everything is done by hand! The anti-pilling polyester is cream colored which allows any outfit to be paired with our scarves. Anti-pilling is a type of fabric that resists being twisted together from use and washing which creates a rough texture. Anti-pilling fleece not only is softer, but it will stay soft for a longer period of time than pilling/standard fleece. For more details have a look at our offering of dog scarves here: click here. You can also view a few samples below.

Dog Breed Lanyards Key Holders

Hello again dog lovers! Another new product line has been added to our growing product offering! We have added dog lanyards for over 30 dog breeds! You can use our lanyards as a key holder or wear it around your neck and attach a badge/ID to them. Each dog breed lanyard is made of durable nylon and ribbon. The lanyard attaches to your keys/ID with a silver lobster clasp. Every lanyard is made here in the USA. View image samples below or click here to view our entire line.

Basset Hound Lanyard Key Holder Badge HolderBasset Hound Lanyard

German Shepherd Lanyard Key Holder Badge HolderGerman Shepherd Lanyard

Welsh Corgi Lanyard Key Holder Badge HolderWelsh Corgi Lanyard

Dog Breed Kitchen Hand Dish Towels

DogLoverstore is back with another new product line as promised! We are introducing our made in the USA dog kitchen towels. Each towel is made with absorbent cotton to clean up the worst spills! Each towel is 18 x 31 inches and the images are 8.5 x 11 inches. Use these as hand towels when cleaning your hands, or as a dish towel to dry your dishes! No matter how you decide to use them, we are sure you will be happy with your purchase. No dog lover should be without one of these. If you know a dog lover these make a great gift as well. To view all of our breeds currently available visit the following link: Dog Kitchen Towels. To view a few samples view/click the links and images below.