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Why Dog Lanyards are Useful for Summer

We absolutely love our lanyards and we think you will too! We receive amazing feedback from our customers who have already purchased a lanyard of their own. Customers say they love how multi-use they are, they love their durability, and they love their detailed dog breed designs. Our lanyards are offered in over 35 different […]

Reclaimed Wooden Dog Coasters

We are SO SO excited about our NEWEST product line – these reclaimed wooden dog coasters! They are absolutely gorgeous and they are unlike anything on the dog lover market. We had these custom made just for us, so you will only find them on They are handmade right here in the USA in […]

Solid Color Painted Dog Figurines

This week we are introducing our solid color dog figurines! We have already introduced our custom painted dog figurines, which you may be familiar with but we will give you a quick rundown of the process. Customers upload photos of their dog to our website and select a dog breed figurine that matches their dog. […]

How Do Poochie Bells Work?

Poochie Bells are training bells that teach your dog to tell you when they have to go outside to use the bathroom. Your dog rings the bells with their paw, you hear the bells, and then you know to let them outside. It sounds like a great concept, right? No more accidents in the house. […]

Dog Pen Refills

The ink cartridge refills are back in stock for our best selling dog pens! Customers love our pens and we offer over 80 breeds so that means we probably have your favorite dog breed in stock. These pens are so popular because they write so smoothly! They just glide across your paper with the gel […]

How to Potty Train Your Dog to Go Outside

Have you ever tried training your dog by using bells? This method is referred to as bell training. The main goal of bell training is to get your dog to tell you when he or she has to go outside to relieve themselves. We carry a line of training bells called PoochieBells. They are one […]

Custom Painted Dog Figurines & Ornaments – Cairn Terrier

Have you heard about our custom painted dog figurines? They are such a hit! Customers browse on our website, pick out the dog figurine they want us to customize, upload their photos and complete their order. We then custom paint the figurine they chose to match the photos they uploaded. Customers can choose from mini […]

Christmas Themed Dog Coasters – New Breeds Added!

We have just added a handful of new breeds to our line up of dog themed Christmas coasters! These coasters were popular sellers last holiday season so we decided to add 10 new breeds. Now we have 42 breeds available in our holiday coasters. New breeds include: All White American Bulldog Adult Australian Shepherd (we […]

Dog Candle Toppers

Our newest product line for the holidays is our dog breed candle holders. We absolutely love these, and you will too! Think about all those gifts you have to buy for people who you aren’t really sure what they like. Well, if you are part of the 70% of Americans, chances are you will be […]

Dog Garden Wind Spinners

Looking for that perfect outdoor item to display in your yard this summer? Enough of the boring gifts you and everyone else always see every year, try something new and fun with our dog spinners. They are not only cute, they are also fun and unique! Watch them as they run faster and faster with […]