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Order Your Custom Painted Dog Figurine By Uploading Your Photos

Ordering a custom painted dog figurine on our website is an easy 1, 2, 3 step process! 1. FIND YOUR BREED First you will want to pick the dog figurine that most looks like your dog. Search for your breed by navigating through our alphabetized breed list. You will want to find your dog breed […]

Great Dane Custom Painted Dog Figurine

Great Danes have such unique markings and color patterns. Their most common color is fawn, which is a light tan or brown color. But they also have black coats, harlequin coats, and blue/gray coats. The harlequin coats are mostly white with scattered black markings. But the harlequin color is not limited to black and white. […]

Custom Painted Dog Figurines & Ornaments – Cairn Terrier

Have you heard about our custom painted dog figurines? They are such a hit! Customers browse on our website, pick out the dog figurine they want us to customize, upload their photos and complete their order. We then custom paint the figurine they chose to match the photos they uploaded. Customers can choose from mini […]