Ways to Keep Your Dog Healthy During Spring Time

What’s the easiest way to keep your dog healthy this Spring, you may ask? In our opinion, the easiest way to keep your dog healthy is by giving your dog a good grooming. Trimming your dog’s coat shorter as the weather warms up can provide a number of benefits and below we will discuss just a few!
“Nicer” weather typically refers to hotter, sunnier weather. Heat and sun can lead to dehydration and heat stroke. By cutting your dog’s coat you will reduce their exposure to extreme temperatures. Short coats help keep them cool. But beware not to cut too short, you don’t want their skin exposed, which could cause sunburns.
As the weather gets nicer, chances are you will be doing a lot more outdoor activities. More outdoor activities means more exposure to outdoor critters, including ticks and other parasites. Shorter coats means you will be able to spot these creepy crawlers easier so they can be removed. Lastly, many dogs start to shed their coats as the weather warms up. Shorter coats allows for easier shedding, less matting, and gentler brushing, all leading to a happier pup!

Why Does My Dog Spin in Circles?

Many dog breeds are known to spin in circles when they become excited. Whether they do it when you come home, prepare their favorite meal, reach for their favorite toy, or show them a treat, this behavior is not uncommon. But it should be considered uncommon when the behavior lasts many minutes, multiple times a day, or interferes with daily activities such as eating or going to the bathroom. If your dog repeatedly spins or chases it’s tail, it is a good idea to consult a vet about this. But if their spinning seems to be created by excitement and only happens occasionally, there is nothing to worry about! But the same question exists, why do they do it?

Reclaimed Wooden Dog Coasters

We are SO SO excited about our NEWEST product line – these reclaimed wooden dog coasters!

They are absolutely gorgeous and they are unlike anything on the dog lover market. We had these custom made just for us, so you will only find them on dogloverstore.com. They are handmade right here in the USA in the great state of Tennessee.

The manufacturer, based out of Tennessee, collects aged wood and trees and repurposes them into signs, ornaments, and coasters.

The Seeing Eye Guide Dogs

We all know dogs offer us so much more than just being our pets. We recently wrote an article about how dogs are trained to detect diseased beehives to help save bees and our food chain. We also wrote another article on how to cope with your blind dog. But the reverse takes place with the Seeing Eye program where dogs are trained to help the visually impaired. In 1929, the Seeing Eye was founded to teach the visually impaired to work with dogs that have been trained to guide those in need. The Seeing Eye, which was founded by a blind salesman and a dog trainer, is still currently operating. They breed and train dogs to become guide dogs and connect the dogs with the impaired. They have been on a mission to help others and their numbers show how successful they have been!

Solid Color Painted Dog Figurines

This week we are introducing our solid color dog figurines! We have already introduced our custom painted dog figurines, which you may be familiar with but we will give you a quick rundown of the process. Customers upload photos of their dog to our website and select a dog breed figurine that matches their dog. We then custom paint the dog figurine to match the colors and markings of the customer’s dog. These figurines make amazing memorials for past pets. But, the one issue with custom painted figurines is that the colors and patterns of the dog may not match your home decor. If you have an orange pomeranian and a beautifully modern home with gray tones then the two may not match up. You may not be able to find a place for the figurine to fit into your home decor. This is what led us to the idea for our solid color painted dog figurines. Solid gold, silver, white, and more will fit perfectly into your home decor. Add a pop of color in a children’s room with one of our pink or blue dog figurines. Fit one of our solid gold figurines into your glamorous gold themed home decor.

Top Valentine’s Day Gifts for Dog Lovers

Dog Lover Valentine's Day

Dog Lover Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Love is celebrated all year round but Valentine’s Day is a day specifically dedicated to love. The celebration of love between lovers, friends, family, children, and your furry family members. Some like to show their love by action, like cooking, cleaning, or a massage. Others like to show their love with words, like “I love you’s”. The rest of us like to be showered with gifts. Chocolates, roses, and jewelry, just to name a few. But there comes a time when you’ve purchased all the chocolate you can, all the flowers in the world, and every piece of jewelry out there. You need something fresh, new, and unique! That’s where DogLoverStore.com comes to the rescue. Think about what your loved one loves and you’ve found the perfect gift. We’ve always said…you love them, but they love their dog. Boy, do we have gifts for the dog lover in your life!

Dog Saves Injured Man in Snow

Once again, dog proves to be man’s best friend! A Golden Retriever by the name of Kelsey, stayed by her owner’s side for 20 hours after the owner slipped on ice and broke his neck.


This tragic event happened on New Year’s eve when it was a mere 24 degrees with snow and ice on the ground. Kelsey stayed by her owner’s side, licking his face to keep him awake in the frigid temperatures and laying on top of him to help keep him warm. The owner, Bob, tried his best to keep consciousness and yell out for help when he had the strength. Unfortunately, no one could hear Bob because this all happened through the middle of the night and his closest neighbor is about 1/4 mile away.

Order Your Custom Painted Dog Figurine By Uploading Your Photos

Custom Painted Dog Figurines

Custom Painted Dog Figurines

Ordering a custom painted dog figurine on our website is an easy 1, 2, 3 step process!

First you will want to pick the dog figurine that most looks like your dog. Search for your breed by navigating through our alphabetized breed list. You will want to find your dog breed and then select the color that most looks like your dog too. For example, if you a a cream colored French Bulldog you will first want to locate the French Bulldog category and then select the cream colored Frenchie versus the brindle colored.

Matching Pitbull Keychain and Customer’s Dogs

We absolutely love a “meant for me” moment! Check out the side by side images below. On the left is a picture of our Pitbull Wooden Key Chain Ring and on the right is a picture of one of our customer’s adorable Pitbulls.



Isn’t this remarkable? It’s like this key chain was meant for her! The brown Pitbull on the left is named Brookie and the black and white Pitbull on the right is named Star. Our customer said her two Pitties are an affectionate duo, as displayed in the photo she sent us.

Arlo’s Garden

Our outdoor garden dog signs are so beautiful and they can be customized! They can be customized with your family’s last name or “welcome” and then placed in the front of your home or by a walkway. They can be customized with a clever saying, like “welcome, yo!” which is an actual custom request we’ve had. Or, they can be customized with your dog’s name. Read the story below about one of our customer’s handsome German Shepherd, named Arlo. He had a garden sign made in Arlo’s honor.

German Shepherd - ArloArlo