Coupon Codes for Dog Lover Store

Who Doesn’t Love a Deal? Check out These Coupon Codes for Dog Lover Store At we try to make your shopping experience as fair and affordable as possible. For that reason we currently offer two coupon codes for our shoppers! Use “dls5 for $5 off all of your orders of $50 or more. These […]

Smartest Dogs for 2017

The list for 2017’s smartest dog breeds is out! Ready to see if your dog makes the list? This list is based on a number of factors that makes a dog breed “smart”. We’re sure you may have a super smart Pomeranian (not on the list) or a Husky that wows you and all your […]

Halloween Trick or Treat? Dog Goblin/Halloween Names

Halloween is here, so that means it’s time for tricks and treats! Which do you like better, tricks or treats? Well, we are more into the treats so we created this fun and silly goblin dog name generator. All you have to do is match up the first letter of your dog’s name with his […]

Instagram Friends and Giveaway Winners

Meet Lila!! She is our newest dog friend on Instagram! We make new friends every week on instagram. You can follow us @dogloverstore and become our friend too! We love meeting new people and their pups. We met Lila after she participated in one of our giveaways. We hold giveaways almost every week on Instagram. […]

The World’s Longest Dog Tongue

Lickity split! Meet the dog with the longest tongue! That’s right, she holds the new record for the world’s longest dog tongue. What was the previous record you may ask? And what is the new world record? Let us break it down for you. The previous world record for the longest dog tongue was a […]

Hurricane Harvey Animal Rescue

As we have all heard by now, Hurricane Harvey took a disastrous toll on Texas, specifically the Houston area. Families were evacuated, companies closed down, houses ruined, and animals were displaced. Families have to put themselves and loved ones first, even if that means abandoning their beloved pets. This is totally heartbreaking to even have […]

Swimmers Tail

It’s summer time, and summer time means hot weather and more water activities. Your dog may love the water as much as you do but you have to monitor the amount of time they spend in the water. Have you ever heard of swimmer’s tail, also known as limber tail or broken tail? Dog’s can […]

Camp Site Checklist Essentials When Camping with your Dog

For the last few weeks we have been covering all you need to know when going camping with your dog. So far, we have covered the following checklists: food, safety, and hiking. Our last checklist will cover everything you need for the actual camp site. This list will include food as an essential but since […]

2017 Ugliest Dog Award

Martha the Neopolitan Mastiff won the 2017 ugliest dog contest. But, we have to say she is a beauty compared to previous year’s winners. In fact, she is quite adorable. Who did the voting and why have this “award”? All dogs are beautiful! Maybe her red eyes and floppy drooley mouth made her the top […]

American Eskimo Dog Facts

The following table provides facts and information about the American Eskimo dog breed. From Origin to eating habits and quantities, you will find all of the common and necessary facts about the American Eskimo breed. Leave us as a comment with suggestions on other topics to cover and your thoughts! Origin – Germany Dog Group […]

Hiking Checklist Essentials When Camping with your Dog

Last week we covered all the first aid and safety essentials you should have when you are camping with your dog. This week we are going to cover all the hiking essentials you should have on your checklist. Going for a hike can be very similar to going on a long walk with your dog, […]