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Hurricane Harvey Animal Rescue

As we have all heard by now, Hurricane Harvey took a disastrous toll on Texas, specifically the Houston area. Families were evacuated, companies closed down, houses ruined, and animals were displaced. Families have to put themselves and loved ones first, even if that means abandoning their beloved pets. This is totally heartbreaking to even have to consider. Luckily, many families were able to evacuate and take their pets along with them, but there were still many left behind. In the past, with similar natural disasters, people were told to leave their pets. After some storms, this meant over 500,000 pets were displaced, unaccounted for, or died. Not allowing people to bring their pets to safety? Some would say that’s animal cruelty!

Swimmers Tail

It’s summer time, and summer time means hot weather and more water activities. Your dog may love the water as much as you do but you have to monitor the amount of time they spend in the water. Have you ever heard of swimmer’s tail, also known as limber tail or broken tail? Dog’s can get swimmer’s tail if they spend too much time swimming in the water. Although swimmer’s tail most commonly happens while swimming (hence the name) it can also happen with certain physical activities and playing.

Camp Site Checklist Essentials When Camping with your Dog

For the last few weeks we have been covering all you need to know when going camping with your dog. So far, we have covered the following checklists: food, safety, and hiking. Our last checklist will cover everything you need for the actual camp site. This list will include food as an essential but since we already covered this in a previous blog post, we won’t be going into detail, you can read it here: Food & Water Checklist.


This will probably be the easiest and shortest checklist! First, think of item’s that you are bringing for yourself, you will need those for your dog too.

2017 Ugliest Dog Award

Martha the Neopolitan Mastiff won the 2017 ugliest dog contest. But, we have to say she is a beauty compared to previous year’s winners. In fact, she is quite adorable. Who did the voting and why have this “award”? All dogs are beautiful! Maybe her red eyes and floppy drooley mouth made her the top runner!

She weighs 125 pounds and has a beautiful blue-ish gray coat, a signature of the Neopolitan Mastiff.

Martha was a rescue. She was nearly blind at the time she was rescued and was suffering from chronic pain. She had an eye infection that was neglected and led her to being almost completely blind. Since being rescued, she has had surgery and has regained her eyesight.

American Eskimo Dog Facts

The following table provides facts and information about the American Eskimo dog breed. From Origin to eating habits and quantities, you will find all of the common and necessary facts about the American Eskimo breed. Leave us as a comment with suggestions on other topics to cover and your thoughts!

American Eskimo Dog Facts

Origin – Germany
Dog Group – Non-Sporting Group
Height – 15 inches – 20 Inches Depending (Standard Size)
Weight – 18-35 Pounds (Standard Size)
Life Span – 13-15 Years

Hiking Checklist Essentials When Camping with your Dog

Last week we covered all the first aid and safety essentials you should have when you are camping with your dog. This week we are going to cover all the hiking essentials you should have on your checklist.

Going for a hike can be very similar to going on a long walk with your dog, depending on your hiking intensity. You will want to have all the essentials you normally bring along for your dog on a walk. Some of these items include:

  • A collar
  • A harness
  • A leash
  • Poop bags
  • ID Tag

First Aid & Safety Checklist Essentials When Camping with your Dog

Last week we covered all the food and water essentials you should have when you are camping with your dog. This week we are going to cover all the safety and first aid essentials you should have on your checklist.

This list may seem a little lengthy but once you have everything put together you can store it in a bag or container and have it ready to go all the time. You never know what kind of situation you or your dog will get into that could be potentially life threatening. A small cut could get infected and turn into a bigger problem. A safety kit could make all the difference if you can’t get medical attention right away.

Food and Water Checklist Essentials When Camping with your Dog

It’s June and that means it’s time to kick off all those warm weather vacations and weekend trips. One of the most popular weekend trips to take is camping. If you’re like us, then you will feel bad leaving your dog behind. And really, you should! Camping is the PERFECT time, and perhaps the ONLY time, you are able to take your dog on vacation with you. As long as you have all of the essentials on this checklist, you should have an easy and enjoyable camping trip with the entire family. In our next series of blog posts we will cover each section on our checklist. The checklist will cover food and water, first aid and safety, hiking and activities, and campsite essentials.

Why Dog Lanyards are Useful for Summer

We absolutely love our lanyards and we think you will too! We receive amazing feedback from our customers who have already purchased a lanyard of their own. Customers say they love how multi-use they are, they love their durability, and they love their detailed dog breed designs.

Our lanyards are offered in over 35 different breeds. From Airedale and Australian Shepherd, to Corgi and Boston Terrier, and Soft Coated Wheaten to Doberman Pinscher. The designs are highly detailed and laid on a colorful background so all the dog’s features are that much more prominent.

Dog Lanyards

Using Our Dog Breed Figurines for Craft Projects

Our medium and mini sized dog figurines are so multi-use! Some customers place the figurines on memorials and some place them on top of cakes. One of the most common ways our figurines are used is for model craft projects. We’ve had our mini figurines used on a birdhouse modeled after a country singer’s home. Our customer, who is a fan of this country singer, made it for the singer before she went to his concert and meet and greet. The singer had a bloodhound so she put a little Bloodhound mini figurine on the front lawn of the birdhouse behind the picket fence. Another customer was a big fan of the Sherlock Holmes character so he made a model scene of Sherlock Holmes with his sidekick Bloodhound named Toby. Below you can view an image of the scene our customer created.